Local 330 Initiates Strike Action Against Rogers Ready Mix for Unfair Labor Practice

May 12, 2011, when it was discovered the company had unilaterally reduced wages and working conditions without notice. The strike, assisted by Teamsters Local 325, 673,700 and other area affiliates, halted management’s attempt to lower wages in the industry—action it had been pursuing for many months.

“The company had already proposed substantially lower wage scales for our members throughout negotiations, and the Teamsters just won’t stand for it,” said Dominic Romanazzi, Local 330 President. “Management had done its best to quietly evade contractual obligations, taking advantage of its own workers, but the Union has made sure that justice was served in the end”.
Following Local 330’s move to file unfair labor practice charges and days of picketing that extended to ready mix facilities in Rockford, Rogers Ready Mix returned to the bargaining table. In addition to returning workers to full regular pay to meet the area’s standards, the company is issuing back pay settlements to each union member.
“When contract negotiations began in March, we did not expect that management would take us down this road,” said Romanazzi. “But the resolve of these workers to fight for their Teamster contract guaranteed that they will have real protection at work for years to come.”
Teamsters Local 330 is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, which represents more than 100,000 hardworking men and women throughout Illinois and Indiana.
(Please view some pictures of the Strike below)

2011 Rogers Strike

2011 Rogers Strike0001

2011 Rogers Strike0002

2011 Rogers Strike0003

2011 Rogers Strike0004

2011 Rogers Strike0005

2011 Rogers Strike0006

2011 Rogers Strike0010

2011 Rogers Strike0011

2011 Rogers Strike0012

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