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President Dominic Romanazzi conducts Union Steward Training Seminars on a regular basis. The seminars provide the necessary training to our Stewards so that they may learn the skills needed to effectively represent all Local 330 Members.

Union Stewards are the eyes and ears for all members in the workplace. Often Stewards are the first line of defense for our members against mistreatment and contract violations. They also play a vital role in improving the workplace environment and in building union solidarity.

Local 330 Training Seminars provide our Stewards with the perfect opportunity to strengthen communication with our Union Officials/Leaders and of course our membership. Stewards receive up-to-date comprehensive training related to many Union issues such as: new methods for working with management to resolve problems, new tips and skills related to the Grievance and Arbitration process, Contract Enforcement, new laws affecting Labor and much more. The skills attained by our Stewards can and should be passed on to the Membership at each respective Local 330 work place facility.

Teamster Union Officials and Shop Stewards are in the fight together to protect the rights of our Membership.  When Union leadership provides support and education to its designated Stewards, it benefits the Union as a whole.  Therefore, President Dominic Romanazzi will continue the practice of providing State-of-the-Art educational seminars to all Local 330 Union Stewards.

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