The Truth About Union Busters

Learn the truth about “union busters” and why companies hire them in an effort to destroy union organizing campaigns

Companies / employers spend huge amounts of money on “union busters” to dissuade employees from joining together as a union. Employers know that a union would provide employees with a collective voice at their work place and that the union would negotiate fair wages, benefits and working conditions across the board.

Employers do not want to lose complete control over their workers and they do not want to spend more money in regard to improved wages and benefits. Therefore they hire the “union busters” in an attempt to defeat the union organizing campaign.

Learn more about the billion-dollar union busting industry commonly referred to as “union avoidance consultants” and learn why you should not believe the anti-union rhetoric that they spread.

If you are currently engaged in a union organizing campaign and your employer has hired “union busters” commonly disguised as “consultants,” do not fall prey to their deceptive ways. Always remember that the “union busters” are being paid large sums of money to defeat a union organizing campaign. They attempt to accomplish this goal by instilling fear into the minds of hardworking employees.

Tell your employer that they should be using the money spent on “union busters” to improve your wages, benefits and working conditions, instead!

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“Confessions of a Union Buster” is a book written by Mr. Martin Levitt, who worked in the billion dollar union busting industry for many years. He is now reformed and discusses the shocking truth about the unscrupulous methods and tactics used by “union busters”.

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