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Here are ten important rules you should keep in mind whenever you deal with management.

  1. While conducting Union business, you are Management’s equal. Without acting pompous, you must insist on being treated with respect at all times.
  2. Discuss issues, facts, and procedures, not personalities or rumors.
  3. Be positive and always maintain a business-like demeanor.
  4. Always stay focused and center the discussion on the problem/issue at hand.
  5. Do not lose your temper, use it! Never allow yourself to become overexcited, hostile, or angry. Besides interfering with your ability to think clearly, you will be discrediting yourself as a professional negotiator and representative.
  6. Be imaginative and creative. Do not be bound by narrow interpretations of facts. Do not lie or sacrifice credibility.
  7. Listen for the main point of Management’s position, this is the area in which a possible solution may be found.
  8. When you express disagreement with Management, do so with thoughtfulness, firmness and professionalism.
  9. Take careful notes on Management’s position. Ask for clarification if necessary to make sure your notes are complete and accurate.
  10. Remember that this is not an ego trip, we are seeking a solution to a member(s) problem/issue for the good of everyone involved. Attempt to allow Management to retreat with dignity when proven wrong.

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