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It is unlawful for your Employer, Supervisor or Foreman to interfere with, restrain or coerce Employees seeking to organize or join a Union. Any of the following acts could constitute a violation of the Federal Law:

What Management, Foremen and Supervisors Cannot Do!
  1. Attend any Union meetings, park across the street from the Union Hall to identify which employees entered. Engage in any undercover activity which would indicate that the employees are being kept under surveillance in order to determine who is and who is not participating in Union activity.
  2. Tell employees that the company will fire or punish them if they engage in Union activity.
  3. Lay-off or discharge any employee for Union activity.
  4. Prohibit Union Representatives from soliciting employees during non-working hours.
  5. Ask employees about confidential Union matters, meetings, etc.
  6. Ask employees what they think about the Union or Union Representation.
  7. Ask employees how they intend to vote.
  8. Threaten employees with economic reprisal for participating in Union activities. For example, threaten to move the plant or close the business, curtail operations, or reduce employee’s wages or benefits.
  9. Promise benefits, promotions, raises or other benefits to employees if they agree to reject the Union or refrain from joining it.
  10. Announce that they will not deal or negotiate with a Union.
  11. Tell employees that the company will fire or punish them if they engage in Union activities.
  12. Ask employees whether or not they belong to a Union or have signed Union Authorization Cards.
  13. Ask an employee, during the hiring interview process, whether or not they are affiliated with any Labor Organization.
  14. Purposely “team up” non-union employees and keep them apart from those they think may support a Labor Organization.
  15. Transfer workers on the basis of Union affiliation or activity.
  16. Choose employees to be laid off on the basis of weakening the Union’s strength or discouraging membership in it.
  17. Discriminate against Union supporters when disciplining employees.
  18. Discipline Union employees for a particular action and permit non-union employees to go unpunished for the same action.
  19. Deviate from company policy for the purpose of eliminating a Union.
  20. Become involved in arguments that may lead to a physical encounter with any employee over Union issues.
  21. Threaten or coerce employees, in an attempt to influence their vote.
  22. Promise employees any reward or any future benefit if they vote against the Union.
  23. Tell employees work hours will be discontinued or diminished if the company is organized/Unionized.
  24. State that Unionization will force the company to lay off employees.
  25. State that Unionization will eliminate or reduce vacations or other benefits and privileges presently received.
  26. Start a petition against the Union or encourage or take part in its circulation if started by any employees.
  27. Visit the homes of employees to urge them to reject the Union.
  28. Etc.

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