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Why Should You Join the Union?

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Have you had enough of broken promises? Tired of lousy pay and working conditions? Tired of being a “fire at will” employee? Do you want respect on the job and security for you and your family? Check out the Teamsters, you will be glad you did!

Who are the Teamsters?

We are working men and women just like you. What makes us different? We are organized. Together we have a strong voice which enables us to build a better future for ourselves and our families. We have legal binding contracts with our employers. We win respect, job security and dignity on the job. Together we decide what will be in our contracts and we win better wages, benefits and working conditions.

Why should you be a Teamster?

Most employers try to convince workers not to Unionize. Why? Because employers know that with a Union, workers gain power to make themselves heard, and employers must listen.

That is exactly what having a Union is all about, having a strong collective voice to stand up to employers in order to gain decent working conditions, pay, benefits, job security, dignity, and respect on the job.

In fact, the only way to gain a voice at your job and gain real positive changes in the workplace, is to get it in writing, in a legally binding Teamsters Contract!

When we stand alone, we are powerless. Your employer holds all the cards and he calls all the shots. By standing together, workers gain a seat at the table and the ability to obtain a fair deal.

The Teamsters believe that talk is cheap and that false company “promises” cannot protect our families. We understand that the only way working people can truly protect their jobs and their families is by standing together and negotiating a legally binding Union Contract.

Organize for Your Future!

Are you satisfied with your wages? Your benefits? Your working conditions? Do you want a little respect and dignity on the job and an opportunity to build a better future for yourself and your family? Join Teamsters Local 330. Join to improve working conditions and provide for a better quality of life.

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