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Welcome Stewards

We have provided this section to give assistance to our Union Stewards who are helping Union Members throughout Local 330.  As a Union Steward, you have accepted the burdens of workplace leadership, a position without glory, but a position that can be truly gratifying as you assist your co-workers. Helping your fellow brother and sister Union Members is rewarding in itself.

Your position requires day-to-day membership contact and interaction within your work place. Uniquely, by this position, Stewards have the opportunity to be “On Top” of most situations that occur at work. Whether it be filing a Grievance against the company for violating the contract or filling in for the Union Business Agent, Union Stewards are often  the first line of defense.

Members often seek advice from their Union Steward first, as they are usually available on a daily basis.  Accordingly, as a Steward, you should have frequent and direct contact with the Union Hall so that you are updated and privy in regards to Union issues. Union Stewards should also be involved in the bargaining process and must intimately understand the contract language contained within their respective Collective Bargaining Agreement. Whether you are a new Steward or a Veteran with many years of experience, your objective will be to provide outstanding representation to your co-workers who are relying on you to protect their interests and to enforce their Labor Agreement(s). Local 330 Business Agents are always available to assist Stewards in reaching this goal.

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