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Obtain a Union Withdrawal Card When You Leave Your Job

If you leave your present employer for any reason including layoff, be sure to report to the Union Office in order to obtain a Withdrawal Card. Your dues must be paid through the month in which the Withdrawal Card is taken. There is no cost for the Withdrawal Card. You are obligated to pay dues to Local 330 until you obtain a Withdrawal Card.

When you return to your employment, it is your responsibility to contact the Union office in order to be returned to active member status.

Some employers may not deduct dues from employees’ paychecks covering periods of leave, including but not limited to sick leave and vacation periods. Accordingly, you must remember that it is your responsibility to be certain that you are current on your union dues.

It is your responsibility to obtain a Withdrawal Card in a timely manner so that you will not be obligated to pay additional fees. Failure to request a Withdrawal Card may obligate you to pay back dues and a re-initiation fee. It is also your responsibility to be certain that your employer restarts dues check–off when you return to work, if applicable.

Any member three (3) months in arrears in dues shall automatically stand suspended at the end of the third (3rd) month.

In accordance with Article CVIII, Section 6(i) of the IBT Constitution, “It shall be compulsory for any active member on Withdrawal Card to deposit his Withdrawal Card immediately upon return to employment at the craft.”

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