Middleby Marshall Workers Overwhemingly Ratify First Local 330 Teamster Contract, Securing Substantial Wage Increases, Bonuses for Elgin Members.

Middleby Marshall Workers Overwhemingly Ratify First Teamster Contract

Local 330 Secures Substantial Wage Increases, Bonuses for Elgin Members

By a vote of 51-3, nearly 60 workers at Middleby Marshall, Inc. overwhelmingly ratified their first contract with Teamsters Local 330 on Wednesday, September 19. 

The Elgin-based foodservice and food preparation equipment manufacturers secured significant wage increases of 2.75 percent for each year of the five-year contract.  The strong agreement also includes ratification signing bonuses for all members, new tuition reimbursement provided by the employer and clarified overtime, seniority and grievance language.

"As working families continue to live paycheck-to-paycheck and wrestle with our recovering economy, it’s a thrill to establish higher wages and greater job security for our Teamster members at Middleby Marshall," said Dominic Romanazzi, President of Local 330.  "Local 330’s first contract at Middleby paints a clear picture of all the rights and advantages made available to members.  Local 330 is proud of the new agreement which will protect our members for years to come."

In addition to wage increases, the Middleby Marshall members will receive retroactive pay for the previous two months of negotiations.  The new contract also included extended recall rights for plant workers for one full year following a possible layoff.

Workers at Middleby Marshall were previously represented by Teamsters Local 714.  The new collective bargaining agreement with Local 330 will expire in 2017.

Teamsters Local 330, an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, represents thousands of workers in both public and private sectors throughout northern Illinois and the Chicago metropolitan area.

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