Kendall County Public Employees Secure Strong Teamster Contracts

Local 330 Negotiates Significant Wage Increases and Outsourcing Protections for Illinois Members

Public employees who keep Illinois’ Kendall County up and running across multiple departments ratified strong Teamster contracts on April 1, 2013.

The Teamsters Local 330 members overwhelmingly approved the agreements to secure significant annual wage increases ranging from an average of 3 to 4.5 percent over the next four years. The diverse units include members within the Kendall County Clerk, Recorder and Assessors; Planning, Building and Zoning and Facilities Management departments.

“Our hardworking members in Kendall County deserved a powerful contract and that’s exactly what we achieved,” said Dominic Romanazzi, President of Local 330. “As unionized public employees remain unnecessarily under attack across the country, our members can hold their heads high knowing they have the protections of one of the strongest Teamster contracts recently negotiated in Illinois.”

While the new agreements, which were signed on May 2, 2013, guarantee improved compensation for hours worked and duties performed, they also safeguard the types of work being performed today by Local 330 members. The contracts ensure that county goods and services cannot be contracted out to reduce or eliminate any Teamster jobs. At certain departments, the union must be allowed to approve all contracted services.

Improved vacation scheduling procedures, defined work hours, standardized sick time accrual and new rules on progressive discipline are also assured for workers under Local 330’s latest agreements.

Teamsters Local 330 is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, which represents more than 125,000 hardworking men and women throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana.

Kendall County Facilities Management

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