Local 330 WINS BIG in Arbitration against Euclid Beverage, LLC.

Marking the 3rd Arbitration Victory against Euclid Beverage in Recent History

Now Retired, Local 330 Member Don Collins

For the third (3rd) time in a row, Local 330
takes Euclid Beverage to arbitration and wins
thousands of dollars on behalf of a longtime member.

Arbitrator Mr. Edwin Benn ruled in favor of
Teamsters Local 330 and Member Don Collins,
ordering Euclid Beverage to pay thousands of dollars in vacation pay owed to him.

Brother Collins went on a medical leave. At such
time, he had earned five (5) weeks of vacation pay. After Brother Collins informed the company that he was going to retire, management told him the company would not pay out his accrued vacation pay unless he returned to active duty which was unjust.

Local 330 filed a grievance against the company for its refusal to pay our member the vacation benefit time that he was entitled to. Although the Union urged the company to do the right thing, it continually refused to comply, which compelled the Union to advance the grievance to arbitration.

The Arbitrator ruled in favor of the Union on October 4, 2021 making our member whole for the benefits
he was entitled to receive. This decision marks the third (3rd) arbitration victory in a row against Euclid

Local 330 will not allow Euclid Beverage, or any other employer to get away with denying our members the pay they have rightfully earned and the respect they rightfully deserve. I hope this particular company finally gets the message, not to test Teamsters Local 330, because the history speaks for itself. The Teamsters will fight, and we will Win!


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